OG WhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

WhatsApp has become among the most popular and quickly developing applications in the 21st century. It doesn’t need to be launched because it has an active audience of more than five hundred million individuals per month. It was the first application we got after getting our cell phones. We can confidently state that OG Whatsapp APK is reliable and free of charge for its users. Modern confidentiality and safety measures that were created by independent programmers are also included. By installing this APK program, the individual using it can regulate their privacy settings, including who can see their current location updates, profile pictures, and conversations. Due to the extra privacy precautions, this program has become more reliable for users.

OG Whatsapp APK

The OG Whatsapp APK is an updated version of the initial Whatsapp which has been improved with the most recent improvements to make it more secure and user-friendly. It’s important that a different business, not the ones operating Official WhatsApp, established it. It is stable and acceptable to use even if it wasn’t made by the official developers. It won’t thus ever compromise the confidentiality of your information in any way that it might. As a result, you won’t need to bother installing or utilizing it. Another significant point to keep foremost is that you should constantly utilize your backup WhatsApp account for personal communications and business.

OG WhatsApp APK

Version Info

NameOG WhatsApp APK
Size65 MB
Last Update1 Hour Ago

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OGWhatsApp APK Features

Anti-Ban Version

The removal of you from this smartphone application is something that you’re able to stop. As a result of this capability, using this program is now entirely secure and risk-free. Nobody, not even the official WhatsApp version, can no longer prevent you from using this third-party app on your phone.

Resilient Messages

If you activate this feature, you can read deleted messages. Now that you know that, the next time someone deletes a message, you are unlikely to require to ask them what they deleted. You may view what different individuals have deleted and see exactly what they are doing right now.

Anti-Delete Status

Similar to the capabilities discussed above, you may examine the WhatsApp status of the people you know in this specific edition that comes with the OGWhatsApp APK download. Any updates to your status can now receive a response from you, regardless of whether it has been removed before 24 hours, shocking your friends. This is one of the best safety precautions for smartphones with Android.

Secure Password

It’s a great idea to set up a password and username for a specific topic. This feature is not included in WhatsApp’s messaging original release. This represents one of the most complex aspects of OG WhatsApp which is something you won’t find in authentic WhatsApp. You can employ this to safeguard the chats you’ve established alongside other users in the OGWhatsApp anti-ban version.

Online Status Hidden

For your own private usage, OGWhatsApp is introducing this brand-new feature. You can avoid nosy people from noticing when you used OGWhatsApp on your phone with Android and attempting to figure out the exact moment you performed so by masking what you were doing on WhatsApp. The version that is officially released does not have this feature.

90 photos can be sent

You may transmit up to 90 photographs to your contacts at once, which is a significant improvement over the OG WhatsApp. By utilizing the initially released WhatsApp APK, you do not need to continually decide which photos to send to which recipients. There may be more images transmitted in each message in comparison to WhatsApp’s first version.

Dual Accounts

For many people, having two accounts on two different phones is often forbidden. You may handle two separate accounts. with this way. This capability enables you to switch between accounts without difficulty by centralizing all of your controls. You may start a video or voice call on your Android smartphone or tablet while using this modified version of WhatsApp in conjunction with the official WhatsApp account.

How to Download OG WhatsApp APK?

You can get this program by adhering to the guidelines listed below.

Go there and type “OG WhatsApp APK” into the Google Chrome search field.
Visit our website as opposed to a third-party site if you want the most recent version.
Find and choose the relevant link on the page.
You’ll find this program in your Chrome downloads folder after clicking the link.

How to Install OG WhatsApp APK?

Are you eager to install third-party software right away? Use the steps below without getting stressed; be at peace.

  • On your Android smartphone, you must enable “Unknown sources” in the security menu of the settings app.
  • Then, search for the file you got from our website in the downloads folder of your Google Chrome browser.
  • The choices are “Install” and “Cancel”. For installation reasons, you just need to choose the install option.
  • You may download and install this app on your Android phone once you have completed all of the aforementioned procedures.


For this APK, what type of registration is required?

There is no need to register because the program does not need it.

Is this APK’s source Google Play?

You cannot get it from the Play Store since it is a third-party app.

Is it Free to Download This APK?

Yes, you may visit our website to get this program without charge.

Final Words

The best modification for casual conversations is without a doubt OGWhatsApp APK, which is without debate. You may choose from over a thousand distinct themes, so you’re going to never get tired. It has a lot of fantastic and outstanding features for the user. You will also have access to a few extra features without payment. After reading this article, I’m confident that you and your peers have an in-depth comprehension of the original WhatsApp. If you happen to have any more queries, please share them below in the comment box.

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