WhatsApp Plus APK v17.36 Download Official Version 2023

Nowadays, nearly every person on the planet uses the messaging app WhatsApp, a really well-liked messaging application. WhatsApp Plus APK helps us keep our friendships and familial ties intact. It is quite simple to get started and is available on a wide range of mobile phones. It is one of the most commonly used programs and provides a variety of features. As an outcome, other companies created applications that were comparable to these. GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and the communication software itself are a few examples.

WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK, which is among the largest and most popular customized versions of the official WhatsApp, has been used by millions of users. The Android application version that comes with this software offers some of its more advanced and sophisticated features, which are absent from the original version. Using Whatsapp Plus, you are able to hide your recently updated location. Between other things as well, you may alter themes. The best and most affordable way to stay in contact with those who are dear to you is to download and install this APK, among the user-friendly messaging applications like GBWhatsapp. In a nutshell, it is the simplest way to communicate with people, everywhere they might be placed on Globe.

WhatsApp Plus APK

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NameWhatsApp Plus APK
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Last Update1 hour Ago

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WhatsApp Plus APK Features

Pinnable Chat

The limitation of three (3) chats in WhatsApp’s free edition is something I find disappointing. This could seem frightening to those who follow several organizations and do not wish to overlook any significant developments. Every opportunity has been taken in this software to simplify everything for users in this particular field. Given that you are entitled to all required installation options, you are able to install 1,000 conversations.

Online Status Hidden

There are various problems if you choose to merely explore and reread older texts without participating in a conversation. This program was developed to address this problem and includes a feature that allows you to hide your status from anybody or any group of people. This implies that regardless of whether you have been online, no one is going to be able to contact you.

Auto Reply

The auto-reply feature in the local application is only available to WhatsApp Plus APK Download for Business accounts. On the other hand, when using this mobile application, you are free to use this feature to rapidly react to anybody. It makes your life much easier, especially if you have a busy schedule and can’t meet somebody right away.

History and Logs

This can be a great alternative for those who want to monitor what you’re doing while taking into account themselves to be cautious. You are able to maintain track of the current date as well as the time thanks to the feature that logs your activity, like whether you opened and closed the application.


This mobile application’s users could consider the way it protects their privacy as being its best advantage. The software allows you to hide the material you have read, stopping blue ticks from appearing after you’ve finished reading a message. 

Experience for users

You won’t want to alter almost any part of the person using it encounters, whether the style of the font, size, or color. You may be guaranteed that the screenshots of your chats are going to stand away from the others once you’ve finished all of these procedures.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK?

You may obtain this software by following the instructions provided below.

  • Enter “WhatsApp Plus APK” inside the search engine bar on Google Chrome.
  • If you want the most latest version, visit our website instead of a website owned by a third party.
  • Locate and click the applicable link on the correct spot on the page.
  • After tapping the link, you’ll be able to locate this application in your internet browser’s downloads folder.

How to Install WhatsApp Plus APK?

Would you require that you immediately install a third-party app? Take heart; just follow the instructions below.

  • You need to turn on “Unknown sources” in the security menu of the settings app on your Android smartphone.
  • Then, look for the file you downloaded from our website in your Google Chrome browser’s downloads folder.
  • You’ll see two options: “Install” and “Cancel”. You just need to select the install option for installation purposes.
  • Once you have finished all of the aforementioned steps, you will be able to install this program on your Android phone.


What kind of registration is necessary for this APK?

No, you aren’t required to sign up for this application given that it does not require it.

Is Google Play a source for this APK?

You are unable to download this application from the Play Store because the application is a third-party one.

Is Downloading This APK Free?

You can obtain this program at no cost from our internet page, absolutely.

Final Words

WhatsApp Plus Download is a popular and widely used WhatsApp modification that gives us more functionality. You can additionally customize WhatsApp with this simple program. Although there are many different modifications to WhatsApp readily accessible, none among them have proven to be as successful as this APK. The application in question offers a number of extra features above the normal WhatsApp. 

An improved version of the original WhatsApp program is available as WhatsApp Plus APK. It offers more functionality and customization options than the original version. Examples of this include the ability to change the app’s look, the ability to hide your online status, and other features. So download it from this link and have a pleasant time using WhatsApp.

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